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formerly KK6HK, G0/KK6HK, and G0/AA6WK
Ham Radio since 1990, Bicycling since 1972!

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Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club / K6FB Repeater

Las Cumbres (K6FB) member web pages

LCARC is a great group of people who (in addition to other good stuff) maintain two wide-area linked repeaters in the South San Francisco Bay Area.

I have been past Board member and former newsletter editor for the group.   I am currently the Sysop for the packet system.

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Bicycle Mobile Hams of America

Bicycles and Ham Radio DO mix!

BMHA is an excellent organization founded by Hartley Alley, NA0A.  I am the "Assistant Newsletter Editor" (sometimes reported as the "Associate" newsletter editor).  In any event, Hartley does all of the work, and I get some of the credit.  Not a bad deal!

My article in the April 1998 edition of CQ-VHF !

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Tandem Radio Amateurs Club (TRAC)

TRAC maintains a fine low-level 70cm repeater in Cupertino.  A better group of people cannot be found.

I am an associate member of the group.  Full membership is restricted to Tandem/Compaq employees, so I don't qualify.

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Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System (SVECS)

Southern Peninsula Emergency Communications System (SPECS)

ARRL & Members Only & Pacific Division

These are all good organizations which are worthy of your support.

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Get you own Ham Radio web page and E-Mail address.


A good magazine with a balanced view and 'down-home' feel.

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